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UPC: 083061115692

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Street Date: 03/03/2015


What is family? And does FAMILY still matter in today’s society?

Focus on The Family Presents The Pine Creek Entertainment documentary, Irreplaceable, which seeks to address theses fundamental questions.

The documentary host, Tim Sisarich, Executive Director of Focus on the Family New Zealand, travels the world on a quest to explore what family really means — and why it’s important to humanity. While on the journey, he discovers why all humans have a yearning to be in a family, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. He also explores the forces contributing to the breakdown of family.

Irreplaceable is insightful, timely and provocative, challenging viewers to take a closer look at their own families and to consider what can be done to make them stronger. It also offers a message of hope that it is never too late to become a better father, mother, sister or brother.

Topics addressed in Irreplaceable include the decline of marital commitment; “anything goes” sexuality; fatherlessness, the decline of the value of having children and the importance of male and female.

To help unpack these issues, Sisarich examines the origins and history of the family through an array of lenses and cultures, interviewing a wide range of experts including Michael Medved, Eric Metaxas, Dr. Roger Scruton, Helen Alvare, Jonathan Last, Carey Casey, Dr. Miriam Grossman, Gabe Lyons, John Stonestreet and Jim Daly among many others.