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Cedarmont Music, LLC is a leading producer of Christian music products for kids. Cedarmont’s top-selling audio products include Cedarmont Kids®, Cedarmont Kids Gospel®, Cedarmont Niños®, Cedarmont Baby®, and Cedarmont Worship for Kids®. Since 1993, Cedarmont products have sold over 21 million units with a catalog that includes 46 audio titles, 15 video titles and 6 books.

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Sharing the Special Joys of Childhood…

Times have changed, but some things are still the same: kids love to sing, play and have fun! Even in today’s world, kids are still kids, sharing the same special joys of childhood that parents remember from 20 (or more) years ago.

At Cedarmont, we believe that music is one of those special joys. And in music, the best songs never go out of style. Remember all those songs you learned as a child? Chances are those songs can be found on CDs and DVDs from Cedarmont Kids®.

Kids learn by seeing and doing. We’ve kept that in mind with our products. On Cedarmont DVDs, they’ll see real kids doing things they all like to do. Also, most of our CDs and DVDs include lyrics and split-tracks so that kids can sing along. Many of our CDs include coloring and activity pages that you can print on your computer!

Most of all, kids love the music. Whether it’s the fun, traditional sound of our Classics series or our upbeat Gospel and Worship titles, your kids will enjoy singing along with the Cedarmont Kids. And, if you have a new addition at your house, you’ll enjoy sharing the instrumental sounds of the Cedarmont Baby® series.