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Silly Songs

18 back-to-back music videos for kids. Over 30 minutes of live action singalong video with English and Spanish versions in stereo and split-track.

Cedarmont Worship For Kids V3

All New Stereo and Split-Track Releases! Catch the energy and excitement of Cedarmont’s newest release! The Cedarmont Worship for Kids™ series quickly won the hearts of consumers around the world, and requests have been pouring in for Volume 3. With tight harmonies and upbeat tracks, this release will take kids to a new level of […]

100 Singalong Songs For Kids Cd 3-Pack

High Value, Low Price! Live-Action Sing-Along-Songs! Perhaps the greatest collection of children’s music ever assembled! 100 all-time favorite children’s songs, performed by the Cedarmont Kids, packaged together on 3 long-play DVDs or 3 full-length CDs. Kids and parents will love this special package of Cedarmont Kids videos. Jam-packed with the best-loved, classic children’s songs, this […]