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TaRanda & Triumphant Quartet Honored at 50th GMA Dove Awards thumbnail

TaRanda & Triumphant Quartet Honored at 50th GMA Dove Awards

TaRanda & Triumphant Quartet Honored at 50th GMA Dove Awards

Nashville, TN (October 16, 2019) – StowTown Records artists, TaRanda Greene and Triumphant Quartet, were honored with wins at this year’s GMA Dove Awards. TaRanda was honored with Inspirational Song of
the Year for “When The Healing Comes.” Triumphant Quartet’s 2019
release, Yes, was named Southern Gospel Album of the Year.

“When The Healing Comes” was written by TaRanda, Geron Davis,
Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey and is on her 2018 release The Healing.While the song itself was birthed out of TaRanda’s personal story, it has
been a balm for many who suffer from personal tragedies.

TaRanda expressed her gratitude, “I’m still a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t
see this one coming. Every nominee in the category was so worthy to win the Dove. I’m grateful to be in such beautiful company, and I’m grateful
to have so many amazing people cheering me on. When my name was
called, my thoughts scattered, and I failed to say thank you to so many
people who helped make this song what it is...people like Nate Goble, myrecord label, Stowtown Records, Provident Distribution, Jason Webb,
Wayne Haun, every musician and singer, Ronnie Brookshire, who spent
endless hours behind a console engineering and mixing the song. There
are just so many people, from the marketing team to fans, who
encourage me with messages about this song. I’m overwhelmed by the
love I receive on a daily basis from my husband and my children. They
are the heart and soul of what I do. I am a very blessed woman...every
day. I’m so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this life and the opportunities that come along in it. He is just so good!”
Triumphant Quartet is celebrating their first Dove Award win. Yes was
produced by Wayne Haun and Gordon Mote. In addition to being
nominated, Triumphant Quartet sang “Jesus is Coming Soon” on the
televised program.

Scotty Inman of Triumphant shares, “We are truly blown away. The four
of us recently began our 18th year as a group, and the Lord continues to pour out blessings on our ministry. We truly hope this award is a sign of what the songs on the album are doing to help grow the Body of Christ. \
Again, thank you to the GMA and its voters!”

“It’s difficult to put into words how elated I am today,” says Wayne Haun. “I personally see how hard these artists work to get to the finish line of a project. There might not be blood, but plenty of sweat and tears during
the process, so to watch as their fellow GMA members honor them gives me hope that what we do is worth it. Lives are truly changed through
the power of this music and the eternal impact of its message.”

The 50th Dove Awards show was live streamed on Sirius XM and will air on TBN on October 20 at 8:00 PM EST.

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