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The Essential Collection

When one first hears the name “Goodman” they immediately think of The Happy Goodmans. From that famous group came one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time… Rusty Goodman. Starting out in the late 50’s singing baritone for the Plainsmen Quartet, Rusty quickly captured the attention of many fans by being one of […]

Treasury Of Memories

J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet were one of the most historical and influential music pioneers of our time. They were the first to record Southern Gospel music on a major label RCA Records in 1927. They were also the first to have a mainstream hit single with “Give The World A Smile.” J.D. Sumner […]

The Goodman’s Greatest Hits

Do you want a “Coke?” Do you need a “Kleenex?” It says a lot when the brand name is synonymous with the product itself. For generations, the name “Goodman” has meant “gospel music.” Howard, Vestal, Rusty, and Sam Goodman were known the world over as “The Happy Goodman Family.” Their trademark vocals, down-home style, and […]

The Very Best Of The Rambos

“We Shall Behold Him,” He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need,” “I Go To the Rock”… all of these songs have woven themselves into the very fabric of Gospel Music history- and all of these songs were written and performed by The Rambos. Dottie Rambo’s musical career has spanned more than six decades, […]

All Time Fav

The Kingsmen had one purpose from their inception: to present the gospel of Jesus Christ through Southern Gospel music. The Kingsmen moved to the forefront of gospel music when front man Jim Hamil joined the group prior to the release of Big and Live. Under the leadership of the late Eldridge Fox, they won numerous […]

A Lifetime Of Fav

Vestal Goodman was a pioneer in gospel music, ministering and performing for more than half a century. Born in Fyffe, Alabama, she began singing in the church. Her original intent was to study for the Metropolitan Opera, but being raised in church she felt compelled to sing Gospel music. And that she did. Vestal became […]